What to expect

What is the Towne South Church of Christ really like? What could you expect if you attended here? 

Well, first of all, we are a non-denominational congregation of believers who seek to be true to God and His Word. We are Christians only, but not the only Christians. We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God and our only rule for faith and practice. We also believe that God established the family as the foundation of society and so we seek to strengthen families by placing a strong emphasis on our children’s, youth and family ministries. If you were to attend Towne South, I think you would find the fellowship warm, the atmosphere friendly, the preaching relevant and biblical, the worship vibrant and God honoring, our children’s ministry inviting, and our youth ministry engaging. 

At Towne South we strive to provide people with a place where they can develop relationships with each other, grow in their walk with the Lord, and put their faith into action through Christ centered service

Together we’re striving to become the kind of Church described in the Bible – a church with relevant teaching and preaching, heartfelt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care for those in need. We want to be the kind of Church that can influence and encourage the entire community, one life at a time. 

What People Say about us

“When my family moved to Elizabeth City, 1500 miles away from our nearest family, the people at Towne South became our family. Coming to church here felt like coming home. We have been loved, and nurtured, and fed both physically and spiritually. We love our Towne South family!”

"One of the things I love about TS is the positive impact the church has on the youth in our community. My husband and I began coming to TS because of my son, Michael. We saw his relationship with Christ growing stronger through TS church activities and worship and we wanted to be a part of that! We were warmly welcomed each Sunday and began to feel our relationship with the Lord growing stronger through each message. We are very happy to have found a new Church home and are grateful our son led us to you!"

"In my history of going to church, I have never felt more a part of family than I have since I've been attending Towne South Church of Christ. Though I am not heavily involved in Towne South's ministries, and though I don't know every single person that is a part of the congregation, they still welcome me as their own. This church that I have come to love does not judge, single anyone out, nor are they an un-welcoming presence in their midst. Besides the family-oriented community that is Towne South they are also the ones I see making an effective impact on Elizabeth City for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Not to discredit other churches in this area who are also doing amazing things, it's just that Towne South has a good head on her shoulders and is allowing Christ to lead her in the direction He desires. If someone is curious as to what church they should join, I highly suggest Towne South Church of Christ. If you want to be challenged Spiritually, welcomed with loving arms, be accepted for who you are, and to watch the power of God work wonders, then come to Towne South Church of Christ!"

"When we moved to Elizabeth City, my husband and I knew it was essential to find a church. We wanted to find a home, a place where we felt we were part of a family, where we could feel safe to worship God, and where we could grow as Christians. We went to a few churches in the area before coming to Towne South, but we didn't find a place we felt like we could belong to. When we came to Towne South the first Sunday, we were accepted immediately and felt more at home than we have felt at a church in a while. We feel spiritually fed every Sunday. Brad's sermons are engaging and enjoyable as well as spiritually probing and challenging. We have found everything we were looking for and more."

"I will try to put into a few sentences what I love. I see the love of God truly displayed by the different members of our congregation. Our church is like a family and if a member is hurting then others come and pray and provide support through prayers and their gifts of being loving and caring. Whether it be a happy moment such as a child's birth or a sad moment the members are there to show God's love to each other. I have watched the members both young and old reach out into the community and help repair homes and schools and feed the homeless. Our members, although tired after a weeks of work, will come out on Friday night and help work the Attic so that teenagers have a safe place to go on a Friday night. For myself I have faced a difficult journey but my family at Towne South has surrounded me with love and truly the members have been a blessing from God. I would not have made it this far on this journey without the love of a very caring church family. For my son I have watched as he was quickly pulled into the youth activities made the decision to surrender his life to the service of God. I love how the Sunday morning services reach out to the old and young through the music and the sermons. No matter how old or young you are there is a place for you to be at church and grow in faith. I believe that our members truly go by the banner in our church which says Connecting the heart of God to the hurt of man."

"There are so many things that we love about TS.....but the one thing that impressed us from the beginning was how welcome we were made to feel. From Bill Griffin at the front door, to Brad greeting us at the end of the service, and then coming back the next week to have both of those men remembering our names! We've been invited to join community groups, and different other events.... the new attenders luncheon and the Discovery classes are other ways that TS is intentional about making you feel like you are a part of what is going on. it's like TS doesn't wait for you to jump in, they PULL you in!  

Another thing that we love about TS is that it is truly being the hands and feet of Jesus. So many opportunities to serve in the community. Soup Ministry, Climbing Higher, Great Day of Service, just to name a few.  

TS really lives out the scripture to be doers of the word, not just hears. "

"I was asked what I liked about Towne South; well the people are warm, friendly and loving. They seem to seek out opportunities to say hello and offer and hand or a hug. The way that everyone sees themselves as a minister of God and does not “just let the paid staff’ look for ways to minister to people is awesomely refreshing. I also appreciate the biblical teaching and preaching. Brad does an awesome job of presenting God’s word in truth and love and then offering applicable was to apply it to our lives."