Elevate Campaign Prayer requests

Please continue to pray for these areas of ministry throughout our campaign for the next two years. Our goals is to reach others with the good news of Christ's love and sacrifice. These ministries support that goal!!

If you desire the document in print format, please click HERE.

  • Hospitality

    Pray that

    • Towne South Church of Christ people will be more selfless

    • we would be creative in ways to be hospitable

  • Administration

    Pray that

    • leaders will plan and use resources wisely

    • members will use resources provided

  • Evangelism

    Please make requests as follows:

    • Write down the names of people in the Elizabeth City area for whom you will pray to become Christians

    • Pray that God will add more people in Elizabeth City to His church

  • Discipleship

    Pray that

    • small groups will help people grow in their knowledge of and love for God

    • small group leaders will draw closer to God

    • the teaching of small group leaders will be led by the Spirit and be biblical

  • Facilities

    Pray that

    • facilities would be maintained as a ministry to all who come here

    • facilities and grounds would bring honor to God

  • Student Ministry

    Pray that

    • our students will be able to stand up to peer pressure

    • the Attic outreach will bring more students into relationship with Jesus

    • we will meet the “Dream Goal” that includes the second-floor renovations

    • God will answer the requests from students

  • Worship Ministry

    Pray that our worship

    • will be genuine

    • will elevate Jesus and draw all people to him

  • Our Country’s Military

    Pray that

    • their actions will be effective in protecting our country

    • they would be protected from harm

    • their families will be supported

  • Outreach Ministry

    Pray that

    • people whose physical needs are being met will also be spiritually fed

    • the community would know God’s love through our service to them

  • Missions

    Pray that

    • God will work mightily through the missionaries that we support

    • the people groups would be responsive to the gospel and to spiritual growth

    • we would be more diligent in prayer support as well as financial support

  • Grief Ministry

    Pray that

    • God’s love will comfort the hurting

    • The hurting will draw closer to God

  • Children’s Ministry


    • that workers would be able to communicate God’s love to all children

    • that workers will effectively join with parents to raise up the next generation of Christians

  • Celebrate Recovery

    Pray that

    • those needing help will find Towne South Church of Christ

    • those recovering will be successful in their battles through God’s power

  • Nursery

    Pray that

    • babies will be comfortable and cared for

    • parents will raise their children to love Jesus

  • Welcome Center

    Pray that

    • members and visitors will feel welcome when they enter our building

    • visitors will find information they need in a friendly and efficient way

  • Elevator

    Pray that

    • those who find stairs difficult will be blessed by the elevator

    • the elevator will operate safely for a long time

  • Staff and Elders

    Pray that the staff and elders

    • would remain spiritually strong

    • would be wise in their leadership of our congregation

  • Cleaning Ministry

    Pray that

    • more volunteers will join this team

    • workers will view their service as ministry to God, members, and visitors