our church library

Towne South Church of Christ has a variety of books, audio, videos, and more!  We encourage our members to check out some of what we have to offer. All we ask is for our Church members to check out the materials in our log and return them in a timely fashion. 

Our own Church Librarian will periodically write a review for your interest

Hebrew for the rest of us

The Hebrew for the Rest of Us Video Lectures features 21 lessons (on 3 DVDs), each supplements the corresponding chapter in the accompanying textbook Hebrew for the Rest of Us by Hebrew scholar and teacher Lee M. Fields.

The lectures will help you learn the essentials of biblical Hebrew so you can better understand the language of the Old Testament.  By the end of the course you will have mastered enough Hebrew to work with the Old Testament in its original language and make sense of commentaries and other resources that use Hebrew.

Hebrew for the Rest of Us is designed to enable English-only Bible readers to use Bible study tools to study the Old Testament more closely.  This includes being able to use better Bible study toos and understand why translations read differently.


Towne South makes the resource RightNow Media available to our congregation. If you will email Jonathan Snoots jasnoots@tscoc.com, and ask he will send you the link to access the resources. Because I had signed up earlier I have a login and password that allows me to watch wonderful Christian and Biblical resources.  

A review of RightNow Media by Trish Griffin

Hermie and Friends is an animated series created by Max Lucado.  The 21 segments, some 2 minutes; some 35 or so minutes deal with issues like fear, pride, obedience, as Hermie and Wormie and a host of characters experience life in the garden under the loving and watchful eyes of God.  Some of the titles are "Flo the Lying Fly," 'Buzby the Misbehaving Bee," "Stanley the Stinkbug."  Your children and grandchildren will enjoy and benefit from these value-based lessons.