Towne South and Emroideron

A message from Bill Griffin:

Let me start from the beginning—the reason that Trish and I are in embroidery today is because I wanted every sport shirt that I had to advertise Roanoke Bible College. For years, every shirt that I bought was carried to a local embroiderer and had the RBC name/logo put on it. 

When we were beginning to retire from RBC, I wondered if we might pick this up as a “hobby that makes us money, rather than a hobby that costs us money.” As a result, we got into the embroidery business.

I’m telling you this today, because we are now offering a web site that will advertise Towne South. One more way to get our name out into the community is for our people to wear clothes that carry the Towne South name/logo. The profits from these sales will be split between Towne South and EmbroiderOn.

So, I invite you to go onto this web site and look for wear/gear on which you can advertise our congregation: