Towne South has a huge heart for those who are hurting in the world! We have sent teams of youth and adults to places such as Mexico, Venezuela, Thailand, Haiti, and Indonesia.

We also support missionaries on a monthly basis in France, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and many local missions here in the USA.

Missions we are currently supporting are as follows: (Note: Click on the name to be directed to their web site, if available):

Albemarle Pregnancy Resource Center

Attah Osebreh in Ghana

Camp Rudolph

Campus Christian Fellowship

Central India Christian Mission

Eastern North Carolina Christian Men’s Fellowship (currently supporting Venture Church in Wilmington)

International Disaster Emergency Service (IDES)

Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Mission for Christ (Linda Joyner in S.E. Asia)

Roanoke Christian Camp

Rwanda Challenge (Frank and Myra Reynolds)

Greg & Nikki Saldi - recruits to France

Team Expansion (Tara Woolard)